Trying to function properly today.

I went for a 2 and a half mile walk today.  I had housework to do that I didn’t finish yesterday. I’m trying to function properly but it’s difficult with a swollen leg. The fluid has come out of my knee but it’s getting stuck inside the top of my leg. I’ve tried to get it out of my leg completely but at the moment it refuses to move. Occasionally it feels better but it doesn’t stay drained. It does get quite annoying because my leg muscles feel like they’re pulling and that gets sore by the end of the day. I can’t bend down doing things very well when it’s up. It’s an old injury which was my fault because I was over enthusiastic at the gym. The only thing that has ever cured for a few years was when my gp drained it with a needle after years of going back and forward to get anti inflammatory medication. I wish that it would just clear up for good. It’s never got stuck in my thigh before.  I have a fatty bump on the back of my thigh which makes me feel self conscious. It isn’t visible to much yet but if it keeps on building up I’m going to have one massive thigh on one side. I know that it’s not fat but it makes me feel that way. I’ve been to try to get this knee/leg fluid issue sorted several times over the years. I’ve even gone to the hospital when I injured my foot on that side which they told me was bruised but never looked at my swollen knee. If it’s now stuck in my leg then now I refuse to believe that this is normal. Fluid can’t get stuck in a limb without something being wrong. I’m not thick and it’s extremely uncomfortable at the moment. This hasn’t happened before when it’s swollen up but it always got stuck in my knee and didn’t move into the rest of my leg.