I did it! And, everything is sorted.

I woke up feeling sick. I didn’t really feel like doing housework today but a lot needed doing because I let it build up over a few days. I had to change my bed covers which falls once a week anyway. It just happened to fall on the same day as the ironing, vacuuming and dusting needed doing too. I also had to clean the bath because it was getting a bit grubby around the edges. I cleaned the toilet while I was in there. I also put some washing on and cleaned my tea pot. I still have other bits to do but I’m having a break for a few minutes. I’ve not been for a walk today but it has kept raining on and off (and the wind looks like it’s going to blow anyone off their feet today). I’ve had the windows open to get some fresh air but it started blowing my things off the side of my chest of drawers. I had to shut most of them eventually because the gusts of wind was blowing the doors shut.

In all honesty I could have slept all day. I was battling against tiredness from the time I got up this morning; well, nearly afternoon, really. I keep waking up during the night. I feel like I never get proper sleep because I can’t stay asleep for more than about four hours at a time. I’ve never been able to stay asleep for eight hours straight. I don’t know how people do that. I only managed to ever get that many hours sleep on the odd occasions but never consistently. I must admit that I do feel better when I have more sleep but I don’t sleep much most of the time.

I got a letter from student finance today saying that the tuition fee loan has been approved for my undergraduate in law degree module I’m due to start in October. I had to confirm that I still wanted to study with the Open University beforehand because I had registered my interest quite a while ago. I’ve tried to talk myself out of it several times but I know that I have to get the qualification to be able to change things. I won’t be given a chance to be in any position to push for changes unless I work hard enough to get there.

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  1. You cleaned your teapot? I thought that was supposed to be bad luck or… something.

    And stop saying “off of”: it’s literally the most wrongest grammartization evar. I’ve removed it because I can. :p


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