I am not impressed :/

I had an appointment arranged with an organisation today. I drove there only to find that the place was closed and the person I was supposed to see had apparently left yesterday. The arrangements was only made via my other advisor on Wednesday. I met an IT technician who told me no one was there today. One advisor was on holiday and the other he heard had left.  I’ve since had this confirmed via text from the advisor that isn’t based locally. I am not very impressed that no one told me it was cancelled before I got there. I didn’t have to go out and I had other things to do around the flat. Also, I could have done with doing muscle exercises because I haven’t done them in a week. I didn’t feel like going out today but I got up despite feeling awful due to not being able to sleep properly last night.  

3 thoughts on “I am not impressed :/

  1. Funny, isn’t it. “Sanctions for thee, but not for me.” You begin to realise why they’re so punitive about failure to attend: it isn’t about their clients but an assumption that has a solid basis in how crap and unreliable they are themselves. Right problem but wrong target, as is always the way.

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      1. Still their responsibility IMHO: or more to the point, it isn’t yours. You’ve done what was required of you and shouldn’t be held responsible or penalised in any way because the people actually paid to do their job didn’t bother. It cost you money and more importantly a significant amount of that scarce resource “going out time” to attend something they arranged and didn’t bother to turn up themselves, nor even bother to let you know. Everybody concerned needs to know what’s the deal there IMHO.

        But of course I am stroppy and bad-tempered and these people are often slippery and vindictive so you will need to use your own judgement.

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