I’m better today :) Slow day today.

I woke up without my migraine today. I’m so glad about that as last night my head felt like it was going to explode. I’ve only briefly been out today. I went to get my new number plates fitted. I came back home to chill out for a while after my walk yesterday. I know it wasn’t a very long walk but I didn’t exercise for a while so I’m not that fit yet. I felt absolutely horrendous after walking and then I got that horrible migraine. I have to get up soon to clear out the kitchen cupboards. I have a cat asleep next to me (as usual). I am not going to be using my car as much because I’m dreading the next time it needs petrol. I’m just getting a little bit nervous due to the car cutting out last time I put in petrol. It should be fine but I need to have confidence that it won’t cut out on me again. I’m not sure about it yet. I’m hoping that the battery was the only thing going down to cause what happened.

I don’t want to do anything today. I’m just watching ‘Orange Is The New Black’ on Netflix. I’m only on season 1 so I’m hoping that no one tells me what happens after this season. I haven’t caught up with the latest series yet. I may as well finish watching season 1 before I get up to do things because I’m on the last episode. I am taking time out right now because I’m still getting quite tired. I have a GP appointment next week that I’m determined to attend without falling asleep this time. I have to get there otherwise I will get asked to find a new surgery. I can’t do that easily when I have long term illnesses and on medication that need monitoring. I need to find out why I’m still feeling tired all the time. I’m taking the medication that I’m prescribed but I still have barely any energy.