Tiredness, brain-fog, and a few tips.

I feel exhausted today again. I only went out to do a few things. I also have brain-fog so I totally forgot the one thing I’d meant to get from the supermarket. I’m watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix but will definitely be falling asleep soon. I have both the cats next to me already sleeping which is making me feel even more sleepy.

I’m now watching my weight again after I chilled out about it and then after gaining a few pounds I decided to not be too relaxed about what I’m eating any more. I was chilled out about eating high-calorie stuff like cakes and so on, but after my body started to go a bit fatty I changed my mind. I am struggling to not get hungry after eating more for a while. However, I have worked out how to keep myself full throughout the day in between meals. I drink cups of tea when I feel hungry. I feel like I’ve eaten but the calories are less. I go for a walks and do toning exercises every few days. I’m not able to do things every day because I get tired a lot. I’ve limited myself to one small bottle of Pepsi Max per day. I replaced my junk-food-type snacks with fruit and mostly vegetarian based things for my main meals. I am also trying to resist having breakfast if I wake up in the middle of the night because that is a weight-gaining habit. 

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