I’ve been such a fool.

I have just worked out all that has happened. I didn’t know what has been going on behind my back. I knew absolutely nothing about it all. I didn’t ask anyone to do anything on my behalf. They made the decisions to do what they’ve done or said the things that they’ve said without my input. I know for a fact that at least one troublemaker is following the person that was responsible for me ending up in prison last year. I have blocked both the troublemaker and another person who I also think is not legit. Both of those people wanted to meet me but now I know what they’ve done behind my back that will definitely never happen. I don’t like people lying about me or spreading rumours. I haven’t done any of what I have heard. I have been trying to get on with my life without a clue of what has been said. I get anxious enough as it is when it comes to socialising without people saying things about me to each other which isn’t even true.

I hope that they haven’t been stirring it between me and the other person they’re following because suddenly a few things make sense. I don’t deserve to have lies spread about me or be seen negatively because of other things have said trying to cause trouble. I should have cut the dead weight off a long time ago because I don’t want to have troublemakers around me. I have to cut them off now otherwise I’ll never get to reconnect with my son when he’s older. I’ve always tried to do the right thing and to push for change but all I get is a load of lies spewed about me etc. I used to be young and naïve enough to actually believe that other activists had legitimate reasons for the way they behaved. I was stupid because now I’m the one that is being lied about and the subject of untrue rumours.