I am aware of what has been said behind my back.

I have been told what has been said behind my back by certain internet friends whom I have previously given the benefit of the doubt. I’m not prepared to do that again. I will be blocking a few people on social networks. Suddenly it all makes sense about some of the comments made to me from third parties a while ago. They’ve been saying that I’ve said things I haven’t behind my back. This makes me look a right cow. I don’t need this while I’m trying to rebuild my life. I am kind to everyone and stick up for whoever I feel is being unfairly treated. This is due to how I have been treated in life. That doesn’t invite others to say to people that I have said certain things that I know I haven’t said. I barely speak to the person in question and I only know them online. I don’t want people getting involved with my family or saying I’ve said things about them when I haven’t. The stuff that I got told today was news to me. I didn’t say these particular things. I know that others around me were saying similar things about 6 months ago. I would like to point out that none of these supposed views came from me. I’d appreciate it if people didn’t discuss me or anything to do with me. There is gossip which is every day tittle tattle and then there is the more malicious side when things are made up and spread to purely cause trouble. I am asking nicely that whoever is doing it (I know that it has came from at least one person – the one that I have blocked) stops saying stuff right now. I don’t mind being disliked for things I’ve actually said, but when I haven’t said those things it is extremely unfair. I have a public persona because of the blog but you’re not welcome to get involved in my private life. Thank you.