Life is frustrating!

After the AA agreed to reimburse me for the new battery I needed to have fitted to my car just two weeks after buying it, I got a message back from them today. I took pictures of the documentation on my iPhone X, so they are as clear as a scan. However, the AA have told me that I have to use an actual scanner and then send it by email or post it. I don’t have a scanner so I would have to use the library and with the limited staff hours there is no one to help me use the scanner. The last time I tried to log on their computers during “smart hours” the system locked me out when an error occurred. I still need to photocopy the invoices at the library even if I do end up having to send them by post. They just seem to be delaying paying my claim by requesting documents more than once. I cannot see the difference between the quality of a scanned document vs. photographing documents on a phone. The quality is virtually the same nowadays given the technology we have on our iPhone cameras. They’re not talking to someone who is technically illiterate. I grew up around technology such as photocopiers and fax machines because my father was an engineer. I also self-taught myself how to use a computer from a young age. I’m not naïve and know perfectly well that what I sent from my iPhone was as legible and clear as it would be had I used a scanner.

I just feel so fed up because it seems like it’s taking forever to get rid of all the stuff that has built up over time in my flat. I never seem to get things finished. I find it hard enough to function on a daily basis most of the time. I feel like I’m climbing a huge hill every day of my life for at least three years. I am worn out because I haven’t slept properly since my son got adopted. I barely ever have a full night’s sleep because I wake up from those awful memories.