Success eventually :)

I managed to arrange for the car to be fixed eventually. I used it to go supermarket and drove around a bit to give it a run. It seems to be okay now. It should be if the battery was the only issue. I want to keep the car because I’m starting to get used to driving it now. I like it but at first it seemed a little small. They didn’t have a lot of choice in my price range. I really need to tidy it up a bit though because the birds have done their business all down the front of the bonnet. The rain got the majority of it off but it still has lots of specks on there. I had to get a load of their mess off the other day because they had just splattered large strips of **** all over my car after I had parked directly under a tree. I expect a huge amount of luck after how much I found on the car that day. Apparently, it’s only lucky if it lands on your head. That happened to me as a teenager. I was never lucky at that time. I remember being extremely unlucky at the time.

I’ve felt worn out all day due to barely sleeping last night. I don’t like making phone calls etc. I was too anxious to sleep properly. I kept waking up because I was worried about sorting things out today. I’m not feeling well tonight anyway due to that ‘time of the month’. That is the only thing I dislike about being female. I don’t see the point in going through it anymore if I’m not going to have any more children. It is just pointless suffering and emotionally I feel trapped in a state of being wound up/on edge. I know that these feelings are only for two weeks per month but it can still cause arguments and general conflict with others. I don’t like conflict or arguments. I wish that everyone could love each other and enjoy life. I know that this is impossible in reality. It would be nice to just not feel stressed over aspects of modern life and what is going on in the wider world. They say it’s better to be happy and positive but those of us that can feel things intuitively feel that the word in which we reside is plagued by hate, greed and other evils. It is hard to be hopeful or even positive when a person is awakened to all those negative energies amongst us that those who aren’t able to feel energies. We can try to work collectively to starve those negative energies surrounding what is going on in the world but that isn’t enough. There are far too many in powerful positions that pull all the strings feeding the negative energies. I’m being realistic, not pessimistic. I wish that it wasn’t getting worse but other intuitive people will tell you the same nowadays. Everything seems to moves so fast and is intensely overwhelming for those of us that can pick things up or feel things intuitively. This has never been the case previously. We are approaching the time of breaking point where there is no return. I’m not talking just about climate change etc. Once pockets of evil powerful people firmly take control we cannot return to this point. It is going to be the end of life as we know it.