Ugh, things are just made more complicated than they need to be when it comes to cars.

I did start to try to sort out the car issue this morning but there seems to be an issue with ‘going around in circles’. I have rang the garage we brought it from and so has my Mother after what I got told by the woman from the AA department via aftersales. We had to go through the sales number because every time someone presses the after sales option it goes to voicemail. I could go straight to the local company to get a battery home fitted at my own expense (over £100). Also,  However, I can not ring them back until I’ve dealt with the company that I brought the car off only 2 and a half weeks ago. I can’t give the companies name out because I’m very disappointed at their service and the AA aftercare.

They’ve basically told me that I have to get it to an AA garage (6 miles away) when my car is dead and recovery trucks aren’t covered by the AA aftercare warranty. They are saying that their garage will do a full diagnostic and then send them a repair report.

Half an hour later I get a call back via my Mother (she rang them to tell them there is no way we could get it to that garage) saying that I can go ahead and arrange things with the local company as long as they phone the AA claim number and speak to this woman who authorises everything. Anyway, now the battery replacement is booked for later on today. I am getting an email sent to me so that I can forward it to the AA claims place. I could have had my car working hours ago without all this messing around but I had to wait to sort things out with the relevant places. I have to get it fixed because I need to get to places which aren’t in walking distance later this week.