Well, today never went to plan.

I normally go to a family members for the weekend but plans changed when the car let me down. I’m not happy about it because I have literally only owned it for just over 2 weeks. The battery just went dead on me. It died in the worse possible place. I had to go into Asda to get some staff members to push my car out away from the petrol pumps so that it wasn’t in the way. Luckily, a woman behind me in the line at the customer services offered to help because she had jump leads in her car. We got it started just enough to get me home. As soon as I turned off the engine after getting back home it died again. I had the breakdown service out and they confirmed it is the battery that isn’t holding charge anymore. I will have to sort it out during the week. I was told about somewhere local by the woman that helped me get it started so that I could get it back home.

I thought today was going too well after getting a load of paperwork sorted out and thrown away. I cleared out the cat’s room and got rid of a dead mouse that they had kicked under a box in there. That was then followed by someone local coming to pick up the baby bath that I sold on eBay yesterday. Then this happens to the car when I went out to get petrol and bin bags. I never got the bin bags because after I got the petrol my car just went dead on me. I now have to get a new battery fitted. I hadn’t driven the car for the last two days. It started fine when I took it out but after I put the petrol in it wouldn’t start. It’s an easily fixable issue but, as I only got the car two weeks ago, the problem wasn’t one I expected so soon.

I spent this evening (and part of the night) putting things on eBay. I’ve added lots of new things for sale.  If you want to see what I’ve added my seller name is emma-lucy-t  .