How to be a Villanelle, a guide to modifying the persona to fit restrictions.

The character Villanelle is a Psychopath that kills people in the Killing Eve. Aside from that, in real life, murder is against the law and being a full on Psychopath is impractical to maintain a functioning life. I wouldn’t recommend being a Psychopath. That is only my public persona that I use in every day life now because it’s better than being a quiet naïve vulnerable short woman which I have always been.

Villanelle means not letting anyone get you down by their opinions. Even if it’s their opinions on events that have actually happened. The people that judge were never constantly in my shoes throughout the whole of my life. They only see the parts where things got to crisis point and I got blamed for the events that happened. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone else. I don’t have to justify my views to anyone else. Others don’t get to label me a bad person because they don’t really know me. Those that have judged me haven’t even bothered to get to know me before making a judgement. I don’t care what they think anymore. There is going to be others that have an issue with whatever decisions I make in my life. I refuse to worry what others think anymore.

This is how you be a successful Villanelle. It is all about self empowerment, confidence, independent thinking and not stressing about anyone else’s views. Outside influences no longer upset me. I refuse to let them. I control my mind to the point where I won’t let myself think about others that have upset me or that I stupidly miss even after all the cruel things they indirectly did to me. I will not be stupid and naïve ever again when it comes to other people. I won’t speak to people when they’ve upset me. I used to be so forgiving and giving towards others. I don’t want to be a push over any longer. I won’t go back to people that are bad for me. If they treat me badly then they don’t deserve me regardless of my feelings for them. I’m not putting myself through the heartache any longer.