Caught up with everything today. :D

I eventually got things done that I didn’t do yesterday. I’m just having a break. I was ironing in this heat. I had the fan on next to me. It isn’t really making much difference today. I haven’t stopped since I got up. I went into town to get my eyebrows done because they were getting a bit untidy. I went for a short walk but I couldn’t walk far in the heat. I felt better for getting some sun but I had face sweat which shows how hot it is outside. I need to put tan on my legs because they’re going a bit pale again. I still have darker feet and arms though. I didn’t get burnt which is quite surprising. I was glad to get back to my car which has air conditioning. I’ve put my hair in a bun. It’s gone a bit frizzy due to the heat and the fact that I washed it last night. I’m not straightening it when the weather is this hot. It’s hot enough without heat around my head. I’m highly doubtful that it will stay straight due to the humidity of this weather anyway.

I’ve cleared out some more stuff. The task seems never ending but things are slowly looking less cluttered. I have a load of stuff still to list on eBay but I haven’t got around to that yet. And, Boris Johnson is now set to become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. That has put a dampener on the whole day. On social media, people have been saying he is just like Trump. We don’t want a version of Trump over here. I believe that everyone deserves a chance, but I’m hoping he isn’t in his position for long. I’m anti Torie in anyway. I am not a Jeremy Corbyn supporter either. I think we’re doomed with any of the options.