I’ve started adding products to my Villanelle store! And I do need medication.

I have made a start to adding products to the Villanelle store. The link is http://villanelle.mozello.co.uk . I haven’t had time to make that many items yet because I didn’t have the time. I couldn’t make anything in my flat until I had sorted out the clutter that was completely in the way of trying to function on a daily basis. I’m still not able to function that well due to tiredness either.

I’m trying my best but I’m just quite down. I went back on my anti depressants properly (I take them every day now rather than cutting down). I thought that I was ready but I was underestimating how my past is still affecting me in regards to my son’s adoption etc. I want to go back on anti psychotics too because they make me more confident. I haven’t been on those since I was early 20s and they do cause weight gain but I really want to be as confident as I was back then. They stopped all my insecurities eating away at me. I don’t know if the GP can write me up a prescription for them due to my records confirming I was on them years ago. I know that I said I didn’t want to rely on medication but if I am mentally ill then I won’t get better unless I take them. I don’t think I am but I long to feel better because most of the time I feel angry, hurt and just pissed off at life.