Odd day :S Long day…

This isn’t going to be a long entry because I am trying to  type this on my iPhone above my head with my swollen leg up on a pillow on the arm of my sofa. I’m hoping that the pesky fluid that has been hanging around my knee will drain as it’s been sore all day. This task isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever attempted to do. Now my arms are also aching so I’m not really winning here. I’ve been on my feet all day helping clear out a load of stuff and cleaning my flat. It is a long job because I let it get so bad. I wasn’t able to function let alone tidy everything on my own. I have a migraine coming on. I put tanning moisturiser on. I felt like I was looking pale and it is starting to get hotter over the next few days. I got it in my hair again. I wouldn’t mind but I only straightened it yesterday and it’s gone dry enough already. I don’t want any of it breaking off otherwise I won’t ever grow my hair very long. It is just the bits around my face which get caught because I don’t want a white hair line as that doesn’t look natural. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing fake tan.

Two things happened today (well some bits happened throughout the last fortnight). I will start with the not so positive note. I told myself that I wouldn’t think about a certain person or anything to do with the situation for the last fortnight. I literally banned myself from thinking about the person and the whole university situation. However, I have been getting ten pound and five pound notes with their initials on for the last fortnight. I have tried to ignore it but it is getting so regular that it is hard to not notice it any longer. I stupidly would like them back in my life. I know that it would be a huge mistake but that’s how I feel about what I’d like in the future.

Lastly, I got used as a success story for an organisation today. Well, they referred to it as a good news story. They needed someone that had made progress while using their service. I’ve passed my level 2 maths with them. And apparently (although I don’t see the changes in me) I have made noticeable progress. Anyway, if I’m seen as a good news story then society must be in trouble. I suppose that we are as next week the likes of Boris Johnson is probably going to become PM of the UK and Donald Trump is already the President of the US. Yep, it looks like we are in trouble.

3 thoughts on “Odd day :S Long day…

  1. Congratulations Villanelle for being a success story and having that recognised by an organisation who you value and who values you.

    It is hard to notice changes when you’re the one changing and you remember how it was before.

    Yep – society is in BIG trouble!

    Probably think about your future self instead?

    And oh – the pesky knee, Villanelle!

    Hope you are able to cope with the weather getting warmer and sunnier.

    My hair is sort of wavy at the moment especially on the left side.


      1. Eek and tee-hee to you this morning! [as always laughing WITH not laughing AT – if I laugh at; it’s at the situation and its absurdities because otherwise it’s crying or raging or freezing].

        It does happen that way, Villanelle.

        And when an untired thought sneaks in about the new you or the you you’ve been recently.

        Wasn’t it interesting when Jeremy [Bethany’s Dad] asked about “What were you excited about at 18”? on the Twitter?

        And such thoughts often run in loops and cycles, and may or may not be open to inquiry or reflection.

        Yes – brain fog and brain fatigue/neurofatigue.

        And someone wrote about autistic exhaustion on a linked piece.


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