Neurotypicals are infuriating!

I have to bite my tongue to a certain degree and I can’t give too many identifying details about what I am angry about because this rant could be potentially used against me. Neurotypicals are beyond infuriating. I am very wound up but I’m not going to say what I’m thinking. Those of you that knew me in the past would know that this is extremely difficult for me because I’m someone that speaks their mind when something is done to me that I find offensive. I no longer launch into a three page rant about why I am annoyed at someone else’s actions. I stick to the point because people don’t listen anyway so there is no point in going on about it to them. I am however still annoyed so I’m going to say exactly how I feel about neurotypicals (non neurodiverse individuals).

Neurotypicals only want to know you when they want something. You’re a positive part of their lives until they get to know you and then they want to get rid of you because the autism and everything that involves is ‘not what they signed up for’. They’re all the same. None of them are worth giving an inch of trust. I want to get one thing straight. I do not have a carer! I don’t want people calling my Mother because she is not equipped to even be a support for an autistic person. She gave me my mental health issues! I tried to find another Mother and I was labelled a criminal. Mine doesn’t know how to love and is emotionally unavailable. That isn’t even an insult but just how it is the reality. I have never had any malicious intentions but I am treated awfully by others. Others don’t want to be friends with people like me even though we need friends more than many others who make and keep friends so easily. I have online friends but I don’t have them offline. That is mostly because I don’t like being physically around others that much. I prefer to socialise online. I don’t even want to go out anymore because of how I’ve been treated in the past. I’m fed up of people thinking that they can invade my privacy by getting involved in my life.

I don’t appreciate people calling members of my family just because I have a form of autism. I don’t need an interpreter. If someone has something to say to me then they can communicate with me directly. I understand more than people know but may not necessarily agree. I just feel like people treat me like I’m a disease and I hate it. Stop complaining about me not being ‘normal’ and proposing or carrying out sanctions for it. It is completely cruel. Others haven’t even given me a chance in the past and then treated me like I wasn’t good enough. I have had it with neurotypical unwritten social rules and regulations. I won’t ever be able to follow them. I still want a family of my own, friends, a relationship and eventually some form of work. That will never happen while neurotypicals are continuing to view our autistic differences in a negative way.

They are basically treating us as second class citizens and the worse thing about that is their inability to see what their actions do to us. These kinds of actions cause autistics to commit suicide because they can’t take how society treats them. I was picked on growing up and I won’t allow that behaviour towards me any longer. I am not just sitting back and saying nothing about what I have observed or experienced. Neurotypicals may insist that they understand autism but the way that they behave in their actions or what they say suggests otherwise. They aren’t even willing to listen so that the likes of me can teach them to work to a middle ground that suits everyone, whether you’re neurotypical or neurodiverse. The autistic’s that have found someone, work, have a group of friends and/or had children which they were allowed to keep should count themselves as lucky because the majority of us can’t get the right people in our lives to have that life.