Overwhelmed, but at least I got a few hours sleep.

I finally managed to get a few hours sleep. I needed that because my eyes were sore this morning after a night of no sleep. I felt really wound up the whole of last night. I had about 3 hours sleep during today after waking up at lunch time. I now own the number plate ‘V777 NLL’. I phoned the company to finalise the details and complete the payment.

I had quite a few people unfollow me on Twitter this morning when I voice my opinion on drug addicts. I made a remark on an article about a drug addict fatally overdosing on a plane. I basically said that there are consequences when you take drugs. I wasn’t saying that the person deserved to die. I believe that drug addicts chose that lifestyle for whatever reason. They have a choice to try the drugs even if it is through peer pressure. I do not feel that it is fair that drug addicts normally get to keep their children because they lie to social services. I’m not accusing every drug addict of lying to social workers etc. However, when it comes to those of us that were born disabled, this isn’t the case. Those of us that were born with autism, learning disabilities or acquire mental health issues, brain injuries etc, aren’t able to keep their children. We didn’t make the choice to be born or acquire any of those conditions. I have a right to my opinion. I can back up my views by the things I’ve seen in my local area. Even if the drug addicts don’t get custody of their own children, their relatives are able to take on the care of their child/ren. They are allowed contact with their children. Those of us with the conditions mentioned above have our children grabbed into foster care after we aren’t given any support. We were honest with the services but end up losing our children to adoption. Many of us haven’t even been allowed even letterbox contact. The system would rather label those with the above conditions dangerous than provide support to help them. This is why I have my views on drug addicts. I’m not being nasty here but bluntly there is a valid reason for my viewpoint.