Life is moving forward a bit now :)

I didn’t get up until the afternoon because I slept off a migraine that came on last night. I was so glad to wake up without the migraine because it got really bad. I got some of my housework done today before going to a relative’s for Sunday lunch. There is still a lot to do but I’m catching up on it a bit better recently. I think that I may have overloaded my hair with too much product because it’s gone a bit dry and brittle; bits have broken off. I just haven’t felt like straightening my hair so I’ve just put various oils and styling products on it to keep it from going a bit wild. I should not be so lazy because I’m trying to grow my hair which involves preserving the ends. I stopped product overloading the ends but maintaining any habit when you’re exhausted a lot can become challenging.

I got a summons from the local court asking me to attend a hearing next month. It turns out that I have to be there for the application submitted by the probation service to delete my unpaid work requirement. It can’t be done in my absence unless I had a legal representative in attendance. I really didn’t want to have to go due to fears and anxiety caused by previous experiences. I just hope that I don’t end up in front of the same magistrates that sent me to prison for breaking the restraining order last year. I’m definitely not going into a court session wearing my tinted glasses this time. That isn’t a great idea but I just had what I stood up in due to being in custody the day before I ended up in court last time. I certainly won’t be wearing my long summer dress this time. I have smart clothes that I can use for that kind of environment.

I’m on the planning stages of personalising my new (used) car. I bought some car wallpaper from Ebay. I’m thinking of putting this on the boot but I’ve not made my mind up yet because I’m not sure about where I want this strip of dark chrome colour yet. It’s either going on the boot or on the roof behind the sunroof. I’ve also found a very decent deal on a personalised number plate (under 400 including all fees). I’m in the process of buying it at the moment. The plates are going to be 3D style writing (DVLA road approved type) – V777 NLL . It was perfect because it says Villanelle as well as one of my favourite triple numbers. I am finalising the purchase with the company tomorrow because I’ve got to sort out the money to transfer over so that I officially own it. I know that it is a lot of money but in the scale of personalised number plates this is one of the best deals in regards to price. I want the chance to express myself. This is a safe way to do that without others giving me a hard time. I have the money to spare because I’ve saved it up. I have found deals that make me able to afford the things that aren’t a necessity but nice to be able to own. This is the first car that I have outrightly owned instead of inherited. I want to make it my own completely. I have always wanted a personalised number plate and I’ve got the opportunity to have one that means something to me, especially with the 777 part of it. I don’t want to be plain any more because that is boring. I finally want to feel at home in my life. I still pay all my bills alongside these extras. I have saved up for the things I want because I have to rely on benefits until I am able to do a job, that depends on my autism and if I can cope while working due to anxiety and social issues.