I finally found a new car and still completely disorganised…

I got another car today (see photo above). However, it’s not the one that I was planning to buy because that was not in a great condition. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone buys the Hyundai i20 which is in circulation around the local area’s car showrooms. I now know why that has been advertised for over two months on the showrooms website. The clutch isn’t working properly, the engine sounds a bit wrong and the oil has water in it.  We took someone with us who knows about cars as I’m not an expert, but even I could hear the engine sounded wrong. I ended up getting a Fiat 500.

Elsewhere, I’m struggling to be organised. I’m constantly tired and my flat is so messy now that it’s causing me to feel depressed. I want to clear it up but I keep falling asleep because I just can’t deal with how overwhelmed I feel about the clutter sprawled around everywhere. I feel like I’m getting absolutely nothing done. I was in a rush earlier. I slammed my window shut by accident as I’m just naturally clumsy. I may have broken it because something fell off, a random part consisting of a piece of plastic and a screw. It shut okay but I can’t see where it belongs. I don’t think that it’s a major part of the window but I hate being naturally clumsy. I do feel overwhelmed and buying a car, going through all the paperwork plus selling my other one has really led to that feeling this week. I just feel like I can never catch up on housework. Things are so cluttered and messy now. It makes me feel like I’ll never get it all done. I need to replace a few carpets and redecorate bits of the flat because it is making me feel depressed. I don’t get anything done when I’m feeling depressed anyway. I’m feeling to tired most of the time to get things done. It is a never ending circle of frustration.

2 thoughts on “I finally found a new car and still completely disorganised…

  1. glad to hear you got a new car, hopefully more reliable than I know Fiats were back in the 80’s and early 90’s. I don’t know about since as don’t know anyone with one. best to have someone that knows a thing or two when buying a car, hopefully get myself a new car next year, not that anything’s wrong with the one I got atm, apart from oil leak, no blutooth, and no usb socket. but the last 2 I am going to sort out one day as got a new radio just needs fitting when weather is not too hot, or too wet!! lol


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