Another task completed :) There is so much more to do :/

I managed to get my car sold with the help of my Mother’s next door neighbour (he knows about cars etc). I think that it has gone for a fair price. I got slightly under the asking price but the person buying it has to get the air con re-gased and a few bits done which the service brought up. There is also the fact that we only had one key for the car due to the other one getting lost. The neighbour said there was a lot of enquiries about the car left on their voicemail. The person that came to see the car this evening was the first one. I got to make the decision regarding whether I accepted the offer or not. I think that no one would have paid the full asking price given what needed to be done on it and the air conditioning system needing to be sorted out. Air conditioning re-gasing is about £50 on average at the moment. The various parts in the engine that will need replacing by the next MOT aren’t probably going to cost them too much. The buyer wanted the car primarily for work purposes anyway. The seats can be flattened to get work equipment in the back. I just wanted to get my car sold and I don’t think we would have got any higher offer for it due to the defects, minor but means the buyer would have to spend some money on fixing bits.

I am going to be walking everywhere for a few days because I’m probably not going to get to look at another car yet. I know which one I’m most probably going to purchase but I need to go see if it is okay first. This particular car has been at the local garage for at least two months now. They have reduced the price which always makes you wonder if there is something wrong with it. It isn’t a new car but it’s newer than the one I’ve just sold. 2012 registration, only 51000 miles on the clock and £30 a year tax (which is a hell of a lot cheaper than my 2004 car I’ve just sold). However, if someone else gets there before me then I won’t be able to have that car. I don’t think that there is much of a chance of this though because the place was asking me if I wanted to put a holding deposit on that car. The colour isn’t very appealing but I’m going to most likely get artistically creative to fix that aspect by using vinyl stickers. There are so many different designs and images on google available for a very cheap price. I got one off of that has loads of cats following a woman. That is definitely me by the time I reach middle age. They are so much better company than humans most of the time apart from when Mister tries to knock my ice cream out my hand so that he can lick the remains of  what is left on the stick (he did this earlier).

I also am in the process of chucking all my various clutter I’ve accumulated in my flat at the moment. I’ve put a lot of stuff on eBay. These will be relisted once more and if they don’t sell I’m giving them to charity due to needing the storage space. If anyone wants to look at the things I’m listing check out my eBay link at . I’m going to wash all the clothing before sending them to either a buyer or a charity because they’ve been hanging in my cupboard for quite a while accumulating dust etc. They are in quite good condition considering how long I’ve had some of the things that I’ve currently listed.

I’ve found out my jewellery making things while going through things. I’m going to attempt to make some earrings to start off the villanelle brand when things are less upside down. I need to decorate the flat (well tidy it up) after everything is cleared out. I am then free to embark on other ventures. I need to have done that by October because I’m definitely going for the open university part time undergraduate degree course now. I’ve told myself that I’m not talking myself out of it because I’m going to aspire to be the thorn in the side of those that abuse others in the system. I applied for the tuition fee which should be approved by the time I start the actual course.