Gay is not a choice and no one can turn us straight :s

I have experienced the attitude from others regarding the belief that a person makes an active choice in regards to whether they are gay or straight. I’m sorry to break it to the ignorant that it actually isn’t a choice. If you happen to be gay then it is never a choice. It is part of who someone is as a person.  Accepting themselves is hard at first due to sometimes badly wanting to be straight. The realisation that they aren’t straight can be quite unsettling for some people. They may never come out due to factors around them.

Then there are men who think that they can somehow make a gay woman turn straight. That doesn’t work unless she is bi sexual and happens to find you  attractive. I’m not interested in being with a man whatsoever. I get told regularly by men that I basically need a good f***ing to make me interested in men. They try to tell me that, because my sexual experience wasn’t pleasant when I went there with a man, this is why I am not straight. I have given up trying to explain why that isn’t correct. I know that I shouldn’t even be letting my heart lead my mind to the woman I truly really liked in that way because they were bad news and only caused me pain. However, I’m also not smart when it comes to falling in lust with someone I’ve just met and don’t really know well. 

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but there’s a lot wrong with thinking there’s something wrong with being gay, whether it’s someone else saying it or us saying it to ourselves. And actually the latter point can be very much more destructive: feeling we can’t be who we are reduces us from living to existing.

    I have to wonder if the person who you were attracted to was attractive specifically because of her unavailability and undesirability: because of how you felt about yourself. I’m no psychologist but I understand this sort of thing is known to happen.

    You’re a girl who’s attracted to girls. This is the 21st century: we may not have the nuclear hover cars we were promised but we do actually have the equality nobody thought to mention way back when. Stop being so uptight (yeah I know, that’s right up there with “stop being depressed”) and accept that it’s acceptable. You’re an attractive young woman, go and find another attractive young woman to be attracted to.

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