I have tried to sort out the issues today.

I have attempted to sort out the issues today between certain people for the interests of autism acceptance. I have had another situation brought to my attention which has a detrimental affect on our goal. I’m not sure that it has worked but I’ve advocated on both sides trying to appeal to both perceptions of the involved parties. I’m hoping that a middle ground can be met without all hell proceeding to break out. I have tried my hardest anyway, I’m extremely exhausted just thinking about the potential fallouts for those of us with innocent intentions. I can’t even do bits of my housework today. I have no energy after getting stressed about the goal of acceptance being reached due to various people attacking each other on a personal level. I hate all that crap and I still am eaten by guilt at the things I’ve done in the past due to being upset. I also get stressed because I don’t want to be seen as the same. That is the bit that stresses me out the most. I have always tried to do things for the right reasons. I haven’t been vindictive on purpose and I’m not a bad person. I never would condone any of the stuff that has been going on over many years if I had been aware of the actions carried out by others. I disassociate myself away from really vicious and cruel attack’s others have made in the name of autism acceptance. Mob behaviour, setting up people with lies etc. I never had those intentions. I purely just wanted a friend and said things when I was hurting that wasn’t very nice but would never go out to destroy another. I am not like these activists. It distressed me even to think that anyone ever assumed I was the same.