DMU Open Day, a warning to prospective students. A summary of my experience at the hands of that university.

This is currently trending on social media within the Leicester area. I don’t want to get too involved in trying to get the truth out about the university. I do still want justice though. I’m just extremely tired to the point that I cannot be who I used to be in order to effectively destroy their reputation. I can only share my experience which hopefully warns others enough for them to decide not to attend that university as a student or work there as staff. I would love pure revenge but I just don’t have the energy any longer.

I’m going to summarise the things I was put through for those that may be new to my blog. I started the university in 2014 on an undergraduate course. I wasn’t there long before I got put through the disciplinary procedures for aspects of my autism. The university was aware of how this condition affected me and that I had been through a traumatic time in regards to my son’s forced adoption. I communicated by email, because I don’t talk a lot, and while I was distressed I wouldn’t quit emailing a tutor. The university’s actions against me progressively made me more distressed. I was initially put in front of security for disclosing my issues and aspects of my personal life to the tutor. They made me sign a statement basically promising that I wouldn’t display my autistic traits. I knew that this was an impossibility… however, I still signed it because I felt pressure to do so from both my support service (funded by the council outside of the university) and the university security staff.

I was referred to NAS (National Autistic Society) outreach based at the university. They were just as bad because they expected me to ‘lose the autism’ and communicate in ways that felt alien to me. I also couldn’t just ‘lose the effects’ of the trauma I’d just experienced in my life. I explained everything to them but no one seemed to listen to me. I went to the mental health team and other support departments within the university at that time. I was reassured that everything would be okay and that I wouldn’t get excluded (which was a severe fear to the point that I was distressed by it) by every staff member I had spoken to about it. I was made to try to contain my autism traits due to fear which doesn’t work long term because it acts like a coke bottle being shaken. These traits eventually come out with a vengeance. Distress has to come out somehow, the more it is held in, the worse it comes out when it does make it’s way outwards.

In the meantime, during a meeting with the head of security (the former Chief Constable of Leicestershire police), I was advised by the mental health team manager that if I didn’t appeal the impending suspension on disciplinary grounds and took the decision to withdraw from my course then he would write to them to get my student loan written off.  I was suspended in December 2014 after that meeting because they sent me into a meltdown during the meeting and I sent an email to the tutor in distress after running into the toilets in floods of tears. I had no support in that meeting. They told me off for having a meltdown on the way home to the service’s office in the taxi.

I got a letter telling me that I had been suspended and that to get allowed back onto my university course I had to write to the Vice Chancellor (now the former disgraced VC). I followed the letter’s instructions. I explained about my disability and aspects of my life to try to get some understanding. I then found myself in front of a disciplinary hearing panel which consisted of the health and social care department VC, the PA of the student disciplinary department and the student president (the same one who later left under the legal disagreement surrounding the VC giving David Cameron an award for being supportive of gay marriage). The head of the security made out that my autism meant that I was some kind of threat to others. I was suspended for a year at that point. I had the student union representing me up until that point. This was early 2015. 

I got stressed over the treatment from the university shortly after that because they’d distressed me on top of things I’d already been through. I tried to upset the tutor involved via email because I blamed her. I thought she had back-stabbed me after I trusted her with information. I was expelled then and was reported to the police. After it all got put in to court, a restraining order was made to stop me contacting the other person involved. One of the magistrates admitted that they worked for the university on the day that the order was initially made – after what has come out recently this seems suspicious.  I couldn’t accept it and was still really distressed over how the university treated me. I didn’t feel that I deserved any of that due to how my disability affected me. I truly blamed the other person for a long time. I was sent to prison last year due to breaching the order. I also tried to sort things out properly but the university would never listen to me. I tried to get restorative justice just to put my mind at rest but they wouldn’t even reply to my enquiry. The proper channels point blankly ignored me. The university has even put interest on the loan amount for the term I never ended up actually attending. On the statement you can see that they put it back and then took it out after I had got permanently excluded. I’ve given it to my probation officer to try to sort out. I’ve written to the university about the outstanding student finance loan and they’ve not even bothered to reply to me. This is a prime example of how this university operates. They don’t care about providing education or supporting their students and staff. The university is purely about recruiting students to get the money from the student finance company. The loan will be approved even if the students only complete a year and then drop out; they don’t write it off because that is used tuition. There has been nothing but coercion and bullying towards staff and students in that university for a long time. It is entirely up to others if they wish to take the chance but I just want to warn them about senior management.