Same ole’ sh*t.

I spent most of the day in Bed again. I’m not depressed but I wanted a rest. I didn’t get to sleep until late. I went for a two hour walk after I got up because I haven’t been for one in two days. I’ve been busy doing other things. I’m feeling tired and quite cold. I’m sure that I am still a little under the weather. I have bad hay fever symptoms today. The worse part is my runny nose. I woke up with a watery eye. I’m blowing my nose all the time. 

I walk out of my flat only to see that the Police are doing the same ole’ shit towards vulnerable adults. They were arresting someone who physically was having issues walking alongside the Police Officer. I got looked at by the Officer (they know me and I have reported one of them for inappropriate behaviour in the past a few years ago). There was two Police Officers, one was driving their unmarked Car. I don’t know the details, but I just know what the Police system is like in this area. There are targets in force here, along with the local Crown Prosecution Service (Notts and Leics), they charge then prosecute easy targets (vulnerable adults etc), normally under the harrassment and public order offences acts. Those laws are based on other peoples perceptions of behaviours which is why they are continuing to get away with criminalising vulnerable adults. So, yes, same ole’ shit going on in this area just like it always has done. I wanted to do my degree primarily to challenge the above but I’m put off by how hard this is going to be in regards to changing the current system. 

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