I am reconsidering my options. Is a degree really something I want to do?

I know that others probably think that giving up on my original plans isn’t the right choice. However, I feel that the idea of doing a University degree even, through the Open Uni, isn’t something I want to do any longer. If I don’t manage to get the other student loan written off on a technicality (which I probably won’t do given that Universities reputation) then it will just be building up for the next 6 years on top of the other part in my student finance account. I don’t want to have a degree enough to get into that kind of debt.

I used to think that I needed an education up until degree level to prevent others continuing to look down on me. I don’t feel that I need a degree to get that anymore because I’ve got respect from others now for what I do. I am respected for who I am now a lot more than I have ever been. I shouldn’t have to get myself into huge amounts of debts obtaining education to ‘better myself’ in the eyes of others (mostly those that bullied me growing up) to be accepted and/or repected. I don’t need a degree to demonstrate that I know about the topics which I cover on the blog etc. 6 years is a long time to commit to even Open Uni study. If I didn’t already have the outstanding loan and increasing interest on the original amount in my student finance account, which is going to increase alongside any new loans for the Open Uni module, then I’d probably be more willing to continue with my plans.

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