Yes, I have been quiet. And, Twiddlemuff…

I am aware that I’ve been quiet for the last few days. I was knitting my Twiddlemuff for the NHS appeal . This is the link I have just googled for information about an appeal but I think that they are requiring these garments in several areas around the country. This other link relates to the Leicester area 

I have knitted mine but I have to attach the random bits on it. I have 3 pom poms from slippers that I was going  to throw out which I can use. There is nothing wrong with the pom poms even though the slippers are worn out. As these are for Dementia patients and those with learning disabilities etc it’s important to wash them (by hand) before you send them as you don’t want to give them any germs. I have cats in my home. I haven’t felt well either so I’m going to make sure it is clean to the point of being sterilised because hopitals have enough issues with infection control. I’m always careful anyway due to the cats wandering around. I’m admittedly quite messy but when things start to get physically dirty I have to clean. I make myself keep clean regardless how tired or ill I’m feeling due to my anemia etc. 

I’ve had a migraine for two days but I think it is caused by my hay fever. I don’t normally have to take anything for my hay fever symptoms. However, the pollen levels are too high over the last few days. I’m still trying to become accepting of my newly developing figure. I have given up the Gym. I do not enjoy it. It isn’t like I’m fat at nearly a size 12. I’m just going up a size due to age and this isn’t an awful thing. I have bigger curves which people literally get surgery to obtain. I have the most curvy hips right now. I really do not like exercise. Walking is only something I enjoy because I class it as ‘me time’. I cannot enjoy life always not eating anything fatty. That doesn’t make me happy at all. It is possible to be bigger and still look decent. I have several colours in the lower bleached parts of my hair. It is time that I updated my wardrobe with more mature styled clothing. I barely wear a lot of my current clothing nowadays.