I can’t do this anymore… seriously!

 I missed my GP appointment yesterday because I overslept. It was 3pm! I’m kept awake by nightmares and when I finally fall asleep I find it hard to get up for anything that I have in regards to appointments etc. I was literally sleeping mostly during the day last week, I was practically nocturnal. I have at least been awake more during the day this week. 

Then I find out that other person that sent me to Prison is behind all the the ‘friends’ accounts that were communicating with me a while ago. I’m completely done with them. I’m an understanding person but the crap they’ve pulled on me just because they could is beyond forgivable. I’m sure that the other person has stalked me while I was out but I haven’t managed to get a photo for proof of what I am saying. I thought that they weren’t doing that anymore but the other day I am half sure that I saw them in the coop store.  As I only saw them from the back as they turned round there is no way that I can prove it. I didn’t see their face. I’m just going to say that I am absolutely fed up of all the games. It wasn’t a game after I was put through those horrendous experiences. This ‘game’ has gone is too dark and evil now. I feel like I’m being tortured by a psychopath. If I knew that they were this dangerous then I wouldn’t have allowed myself to care about them. Unfortunately I have a fascination for psychopaths. I really wish that I hadn’t because it attracts them to me. I forget that psychopaths do not care about what they do to anyone else and I’m merely a pawn in their life.

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  1. excellent blog and well written gives me an insight into your life 🙂 Life can be hard but with the right amount of support we can get through it xx message if you want to talk

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