Attempting to build a brand…seems harder than I thought!

I am trying to build my brand inspired by the current cult obsession of psychopaths after the BBC first aired Killing Eve. I have called it Villanelle, the nickname of the psychopathic assassin in that television programme. I have opened a print on demand T-shirt shop online to sell designs without the overheads for the time being. I need to remember how to use all the graphic editing software that I trained on during my media production BTEC. I haven’t used it since finishing my course because that part of media wasn’t something I aimed to work in. I can’t draw all the designs on paper and upload them without editing them first. It doesn’t look that professional trying to portray a quality brand. I’m also not an expert artist. I like sketching things by hand but on a mass design scale that will be too time consuming. I can combine all my creative skills which I have learned into this brand creation.

I’m really excited and passionate about this venture. I feel that I can express myself freely without fear of judgment from the system. I can’t say a lot because I don’t want my ideas nicked by anyone else. I haven’t felt this hopeful about anything in a long time. In reality it’s taking longer to plan than I first thought. I have provisionally launched the brand by posting one initial design which can be purchased on T-shirt’s and other products at