We should be angry at DMU management, not each other.

I won’t go too much into this subject because it is going to keep me awake if I get too worked up about it before I try to sleep. I don’t like being called things that cause my PTSD symptoms to get worse or indirectly referred towards as labels because that affects me just as much. I am not what I have been labelled and I refuse to take the whole blame for what the management of DMU were doing for years or in my own case. Those things that others have said about me and assumptions they’ve made about who I am as a person have deeply affected me. We shouldn’t be launching at each other or making negative judgements about any of us involved. I’m talking about third parties that have made comments too.

DMU management practically played everyone off against each other. They got staff and students to disclose their weaknesses. Then they proceeded to use them against all of us. I regret reacting in a way that everyone else saw as unreasonable but they had my weaknesses disclosed to them and proceeded to push all my buttons. They did that with everyone who was either bullied or negatively affected by the corruption going on there. This is how they kept abusive levels of control over everyone who worked and studied there. The universities aim was to divide and isolate everyone in order to easily manipulate everyone individually. This is how they have victimised all those affected over the last 8 years of corruption by the ex VC and other senior management. I hold my hands up to how I reacted to what happened to me. It was wrong and I am sorry that I wouldn’t let go of it for a long time.

The dynamics have now changed in what could be our favour. Yes, we have all been screwed over by the University but at the same time we no longer have to ‘play by their rules’. Ex staff are now equal to ex students. This means we can now all ‘be equal’. We can all join together to do something positive now. We can’t let the universities despicable actions fuel any thing else negative. I’m not a scary person. I just want a chance to prove that I’m not the type of person that the universities actions drove me to being when I was already mentally suffering from losing my son to adoption. I’m not asking for a relationship with anyone. I just would rather be friends than have things stay the way that they became because of the universities initial actions.