Venting anger on social media. Socialising online is not a positive thing for vulnerable adults.

I was watching Judge Rinder earlier regarding a dispute which involved a landlord posting on social media regarding a tenant that left their house in a mess and with rent arrears. We post way too many angry thoughts on these platforms. Then we get others fuelling that anger which then escalates into an even worse situation. I’m more careful nowadays about expressing my anger on here. I just cannot be bothered with the endless bitching that happens on social media nowadays. I am too tired to get into heated arguments with people who disagree with me or others.

The old me was really awful at venting on social media about people that had upset me. It isn’t worth the hassle and I prefer offline life now. Social media is great for connecting with those that have the same interests or beliefs but it can create conflicts between those that take sides in disagreements. I admit that I used to be one of those taking sides… until I matured. It really isn’t worth the hassle. If you want any kind of meaningful hassle free relationship with anyone else, then certainly don’t take it online because it causes problems. I would probably have never lost my son to adoption if I hadn’t been so open when I found out that I was pregnant and leading up until his birth. I had people reporting me to child protection while I was pregnant because they’d had their children taken by social services. I had no idea that this was going on behind my back until it was too late. You have to keep your circle smaller rather than inviting everyone you meet to be a friend. I have learned the hard way about being open and welcoming to everyone I met in life online or offline. Vulnerable adults are open to bullying and social exploitation by those that are just users. I know this is true because I’ve been there several times. I wouldn’t recommend socialising online for vulnerable adults. It’s not entirely safe offline but more controlled as you’re not inviting strangers into your home. As I have previously said, it’s lovely to be popular when you were the loner growing up, but the circle has to remain small when it comes to making friends.