Migraines time again :( / Photos of knitting progress. Also, a recommendation.

I feel like complete rubbish today. I thought that I had got rid of them but the one that hit me today was horrible. I’ve been feeling sick for a while without getting a headache. I have been knitting my scarf today. I haven’t been for a walk because the weather has been horrendous for nearly the whole day. I got absolutely fed up of the rain when it lasts for hours at a time. I was looking around at cars and everything else to do with the process of changing the car. It’s all rather boring. The whole day has been quite dull and depressing. I can really tell that I haven’t been for a walk today because I’m quite restless.

I highly recommend castor oil as a scalp treatment when it’s a bit dry and itchy. I got some off of the internet for a reasonable price (some of these oils are sold at a price that is way over the top). I tried the oil tonight and it’s made my scalp stop itching due to dryness. I only wash my hair once a week. This prevents it turning into a dry frizzy mess. I get a dry scalp in between washes and it itches like mad. I have thick hair so it can be worse when it is gets warmer. That can also happen with central heating too. I like the fact that the oil doesn’t leave grease residue on my hair. It feels lovely and soft. I can’t comment on whether it helps hair to grow faster because I have only just used it for the first time tonight. I’m trying to grow my hair long again. I have stopped dying it so much to get healthy lengths rather than splitty ones. 

Here is my scarf so far (It’s longer than it looks on the photographs):