Quiet day :)

I went for a walk to wake up this morning. I attempted to clear some of the flat and do a bit of housework. I did manage enough but it is still a mess in here. I’ve been selling bits over the last few days on E-bay. Other people may as well use the things that I no longer am going to be using. I have also been knitting in between everything over the last few days. The scarf is slowly getting longer. I have made some mistakes but fortunately this isn’t being made for anyone else so it isn’t going to matter too much.  I’ve only been knitting two months. I’m not going to be perfect after that short time. 

Mister seems to love the cat tower. This was him chilling out on it earlier (photo above and below). Although, Mimi doesn’t seem to be even interested in the thing yet. I hope that she does start to like it soon because their old scratching post is falling to pieces. Mimi still uses the old one and when I try to take it away she starts trying to search for that one. She’s quite attached to the old one which isn’t going to make it easy to throw it out without upsetting her.


I’ve been using the most wonderful moisturiser. I never used to bother with moisturising but I decided to try it due to changes in my skin as I am aging. I get very dry skin at times and that was making me extremely itchy. That was driving me crazy so I decided to buy a moisturizer that smooths and tones skin. It also smells like chocolate and buttermilk. I can’t believe the positive difference it made to my skin. I’m not even someone who really wears make up. I barely wear mascara most of the time nowadays. I have told myself that I will try to make an effort to wear make up more regularly but I still don’t ‘get round to it’. I don’t need to wear make up since I have been using the moisturiser anyway because my face looks so much better. I don’t think make up should be used to create your face but to bring out features. There are some girls/women that literally paint on their face so that it doesn’t even resemble them underneath. That isn’t the point of make up. It is to enhance facial features. Foundation is something I don’t like whatsoever because I get a headache from the heaviness of anything on my skin. I’ve been known to get headaches when I’ve just got mascara and eyeshadow on. That is the sensory side of my Autism which people cannot see.