Normality resumed … for now.

I picked up my car earlier today. It cost me a huge chunk of money and I got handed a whole list of issues that had been found during the service. It was half a page long. The car is definitely being replaced as soon as possible. The engine is too worn to really justify doing all the repairs that will need carrying out in the near future. I can still get about for the next few months at the very least.

I didn’t actually go to the knitting group today but I have knitted more of my scarf. Then, my cat, Mister, was trying to sit on the knitted part while I was trying to knit a few rows. He likes doing that constantly but I have to move him because I can’t keep knitting rows while he is sat on half of it. He is now using it as pillow while he is laying next to me on the sofa. I don’t mind him doing that stuff if he doesn’t do it after coming straight from outside with mud all over his paws. He did this last night and nearly left a load of dirt all over the knitted part of my scarf.

I got a discount Feliway diffuser refill off of the internet because it is £24 a time from the local vets. I need it for Mister so that he doesn’t get stressed enough to pee everywhere. We are getting results in that area. He seems to have settled down a lot more recently. I’ve been waiting at least a week to get the case for my iPhone X. They are so slippery that I am hoping it comes asap because I’m afraid that it is going to get a broken screen or something. I had a dream last night where I completely smashed the screen. I was relieved when I woke up to find that the phone was on charge next to me completely intact. I dropped my last mobile phone while walking due to the back being slippery. I got it repaired by someone locally who I knew would fix it at a decent price.