‘Just my luck’

Do any readers remember me saying I seem to have really awful luck at times? Well, today has been one of those days when I have been kicked right up the backside with awful luck. I took the car into a garage that we have used for years, therefore one we know is trustworthy. I have had to leave the car with them because it sounds like it is in a much worse state than I previously assumed by the faults that it was displaying. I knew that the cooling system was leaking because it kept losing water. That was the reason why I booked it in for a service in the first place. Apparently the engine is wearing out too. It is approximately 14 years old now. I inherited it when my mother got her new car. I have only owned it for about three years. I have saved up some money but not nearly enough to purchase another car.

It’s going to cost me nearly £400 to pay for the service and water pump repair, requiring new hoses etc. I spent £600 earlier on this year to repair the damage from a snow incident and backing into a bollard.  I take full responsibility for backing into the bollard, but the snow incident was the weather catching me and other drivers unaware because it got slippery so quickly. The plan was to keep it until next year and get the money together to get a car that is a few years old, perhaps with part exchange.  The tax won’t be so expensive and there’s less chance of failing its MOT if it isn’t one of those problem cars others have tried to palm off on some unsuspecting buyer… which is why you should check used cars out properly before deciding to purchase them. I could have brought another car with the amount of money I have spent on this one recently. Other bits in the engine need fixing as soon as possible, too: the driving belt, my two back tyres are only going to remain legal for a few months due to thinning, the engine is making a knocking noise I’ve noticed recently, and the brake pads are wearing down.

If I had the money to hand to get a new one straight away I wouldn’t even bother repairing this car.  I would just scrap it. I’ve already given them the go-ahead to repair the water pump and replace the parts in that department. I can’t go back on that now. I would have to pay for the service anyway, which is over £100 on its own. I may as well drive it for a little bit longer just to be able to use it to get to places while looking around for another one and considering my options. It isn’t going to remain road-legal for much longer and I’m really not keen on replacing all of the above as the value of the car isn’t worth it.