Sainsbury’s, their computer system and problems with returns.

I took my boots back that I bought from Sainsbury’s earlier this year because the stitching has started to peel on one of them. I hadn’t got the receipt so I copied the entry from my bank statement to prove that I had purchased from Sainsbury’s on my debit card. I have used that card to purchase things several times from that store.

The assistant put my card number into their computer system several times. It was telling us that no transactions had been made by my debit card in the store. I have left it for now due to not having the receipt to take things further, but I think that people should be aware that the transactions made at their stores (at least at our local one) aren’t being registered on the system. There are a lot of people that use their bank accounts as proof of purchase rather than receipts now. Their system isn’t registering the transactions made in their store properly. This means that anyone using this method to prove they’ve purchased goods that have developed faults won’t legally have a leg to stand on due to the computer system not recording transactions on there.

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