Knitting malfunction and other unfortunate stuff.

I managed to somehow completely mess up my knitting yesterday. I had to fix that today by unravelling it and rethreading the stitches up until where it malfunctioned. I did my best but it isn’t very neat because I just avoided leaving noticeable holes in the knitted rows. It doesn’t look too awful. I certainly didn’t want to start again so I tried to fix the mess.

I have felt sick on and off for the last few days. I meant to do so much more than I have managed to get done. I just feel really awful. I’m sure that it is just hormones as I’m near that time (girls you all know what I am hinting towards). I keep going bloated. I feel constantly fatigued and for the last three days I haven’t even gone for a proper walk. The one I had today was only half an hour. The two previous days I didn’t walk at all. I did my exercises today and yesterday which made up for the lack of walking.

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