The best test results I’ve had in ages!

I went for my annual blood count check up a few days ago. I have just logged into my account to check whether the results had come back. They have just been put on the system. These are the highest my levels have been for a while.

Full blood count:

  • Total white blood count 6.7×10⁹/L [4.0 – 11.0]
  • Red blood cell count 4.60×10¹²/L [3.9 – 5.6]
  • Haemoglobin concentration 132 g/L [115.0 – 165.0]
  • Haematocrit 0.412 L/L [0.37 – 0.47]
  • Mean cell volume 90 fl [80.0 – 99.0]
  • Mean cell haemoglobin level 28.7 pg [27.0 – 32.0]
  • Platelet count – observation 270×10⁹/L [140.0 – 400.0]
  • Neutrophil count 3.75×10⁹/L [1.5 – 7.5]
  • Monocyte count – observation 0.37×10⁹/L [0.2 – 0.8]
  • Eosinophil count – observation 0.13×10⁹/L [0.04 – 0.4]
  • Basophil count 0.05×10⁹/L [0.02 – 0.1]
  • Lymphocyte count 2.37×10⁹/L [1.0 – 4.0]
  • Nucleated red blood cell count < 0.20×10⁹/L [0.0 – 0.2]

The figures in italics are what is classed as the normal ranges. The results are basically within the normal ranges. I was borderline range on my previous test so I was instructed to stay on iron tablets and the other tablets to stop my monthly releasing iron. I’m hoping that I will get permission to come off of the medication soon. I have made an appointment to discuss coming off antidepressants because I have read how they aren’t good for long term usage. There is always the option to go back on them again if it doesn’t work out.

Knitting malfunction and other unfortunate stuff.

I managed to somehow completely mess up my knitting yesterday. I had to fix that today by unravelling it and rethreading the stitches up until where it malfunctioned. I did my best but it isn’t very neat because I just avoided leaving noticeable holes in the knitted rows. It doesn’t look too awful. I certainly didn’t want to start again so I tried to fix the mess.

I have felt sick on and off for the last few days. I meant to do so much more than I have managed to get done. I just feel really awful. I’m sure that it is just hormones as I’m near that time (girls you all know what I am hinting towards). I keep going bloated. I feel constantly fatigued and for the last three days I haven’t even gone for a proper walk. The one I had today was only half an hour. The two previous days I didn’t walk at all. I did my exercises today and yesterday which made up for the lack of walking.