Knitting progressing well and a warning about fatbinder diet supplements.

I have been knitting my scarf. It seems to be going quite well… so far (see above photo). I’m freestyling my own pattern to get used to different stitches. I’m hoping that, as it gets longer, the threading doesn’t come off the needle when I’m moving it around to start another row. That will be quite annoying if it decides to do that half way through as I could mess up the whole pattern trying to pick up the stitches without dropping them. It feels quite heavy even at this shorter length. I’m quite proud of myself because I assumed that I’d never be able to learn knitting. It took me a few weeks to correct everything that I was doing wrong when I first tried to learn it. It took a while for my brain to be coordinated enough to not look at the stitches as a foreign language. After this point it became automatic and now I barely have to think apart from counting that I have the correct number of stitches.

The xls fatbinder dieting supplements do not work. In fact, in my case, they did the complete opposite. I have actually gained fat. I can see it all around my thighs and stomach. I’m larger than I was before I started taking them for the whole of last week. I will not be taking them again. The fact that I have also walked miles and gained weight also shows that they do not work. I actually feel like they’ve injected bulking fat into me. I’m not impressed with the results. I wouldn’t recommend these things to anyone struggling with their weight. They just do not work. I found that they added fat to the parts which I was trying to get off (thighs ended up looking like tree trunks). I disliked taking the massive capsules too.