A solution to Trump and supermarket self service checkout scales issues.

I have figured out the solution to the self service checkout scale (weight) error. I do this trick regularly when the self service machine has a wobbly about the weight on the scales not being correct. If you put the item that has errored onto the floor next to the bagging area. That clears the error in most cases which means you do not have to wait for an assistant to come fix the issue. The error on the screen will clear so that you can proceed to scan the next item. Then just do that again if the same error comes up. All the items will come up on the list and you will be able to pay as normal. Then put the rest of the items on the floor into the bag after the screen comes up with please take your shopping. It will jam the machine if you don’t wait until that point to move everything because the programming within the system will get confused.

I was also thinking about various comments made after that Years and Years tv programme aired. Nearly everyone seemed to be petrified that Trump will order a Nuclear weapons to be fired and many other destructive detrimental things that makes our world dangerous. There may be one way that he can be legally stopped from causing damage despite his money. There is such a thing as a ‘Private Bill’ in the USA and the UK. An Act of Parliament (or a bill in the US) can be passed to apply to an individual or a group stating what they can and can’t do. If they go against the act then they can be prosecuted by the state (this applies in both UK and US system). All the things that Trump is predicted to possibly do which could be a danger to the world could be put into that Bill. The Bill could be aimed at any President of the United States in case another power crazed, dangerous candidate gets elected in the future. He won’t be able to pay his way out of jail time and if he doesn’t want to go to jail there should be a stipulation that he resigns as President. There has got to be some legislation that doesn’t allow him to pay his way out of following it. I only did law at GCSE level. I don’t start my Law degree until October, we only touched on the very basic bits of law on the lower levels. I am aware that Private Acts/Bills haven’t been enacted that often so far.

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  1. I’ve found another solution to the checkout problem. Don’t use bags. If I put the stuff directly on the scale, pay, and then bag it up, I get no errors. It adds another step but its quicker than waiting for an assistant several times per scan.


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