I’ve barely stopped today! Tired is an understatement.

I am very tired. I haven’t stopped all day. Then I get messages from people saying what each other has said which goes to my phone. I don’t go online a lot now and only receive messages when they ping up on my phone. I really don’t want to know about things that could stress me out. I would rather be left out of anything potentially kicking off because I’m trying to get over everything that has happened. I am still quite anxious and nervous when it comes to every day life. I want to keep away from anything stressful as much as possible. I just need time out to myself away from the internet and it’s various dramas. 

I walked into knitting  group today with my scarf started and they couldn’t believe how well I had picked it up. I’m creating my own pattern for this scarf I’m currently in the process of making. I’m going to put the pattern on here once I’m done so that others can have a go at the design. I have only done one section on the photo below: 

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