Possibly pushed myself too hard today.

I think that I may have pushed myself a little too hard today. I walked approximately 11 miles! I had a long bath when I got back but I am still not recovered. The heat out there gets a bit much after a while. I feel better for getting sun though. Although I think I may have got a little too much sun because I have a headache now. I am certainly going to be asleep earlier tonight. I still had housework to do when I got home. I need to wash my hair but I’m too tired to do that now. I feel completely worn out and my head is hot from being in the sun too long. I’m just too pale for walking in the sun too long. I don’t tan but I’m not lily white anymore. I’ll find out if I’m burnt when I wake up tomorrow. I don’t feel sore anywhere apart from my headache.

I am definitely not going on a long walk again tomorrow. I need a break and got to do other things which I have been putting off. They are all really boring compulsory things of life. I can’t type anymore tonight because my head is too painful. I will be back on the blog soon but right now I really can’t look at this screen any longer tonight.