Artwork done and open uni modules confirmed.

I have finally finished the artwork for the exhibition. I am satisfied with my attempt at creating something worth submitting. I would describe it as something resembling art deco type style. It’s got a vintage theme running through the knitted pieces. I am so pleased with myself because I have only just learned this skill barely a month ago and then proceeded to use it effectively in a mixed media artwork. There were times when I thought that it was too challenging. I didn’t give up after starting two pieces again because my first attempt was absolutely disastrous.

I had to clean up Mister’s (cat) sick earlier. He seems fine now so I don’t think we will have to take a trip to the vets. He has stopped peeing around the flat so much. I’m only going back to the vet if he starts noticeably getting distressed because they really haven’t been much help previously. I am keeping an eye on him and noting everything that he does so that we have a diary to take to the vets when they try to tell me that it’s just behavioural again.

I may not be around a lot soon because I am in the process of planning to decorate the flat. I’m not planning to move yet but I did say that I would repair all the cat damage. I will get some use out of the new carpets and fresh paint on the walls until the landlord wants it back or I move (moving is the eventual goal for me when I can afford it). I’m still clearing things out because this place is full of clutter. The books that I was selling on eBay didn’t sell so I may just give them away to a charity shop. I need to go through so much more which I am doing in stages. I will feel a lot better when my surroundings are decluttered and made over a little bit. I can’t let my artistic streak loose on the place because I only rent and not everyone will have the same colour tastes who may want to live here after me. I also don’t want to spend too much fixing up a place that I do not own. I take responsibility for the cat damage because I own them (sometimes they think that they own me) and I did say that I’d make it look decent again.

I really do need to log off now because I have to be somewhere in the morning. I don’t want to not be able to get up. I have been struggling to get up in the mornings recently. I am just not a fan of mornings whatsoever. I can get into a pattern of getting up but I can also get into the pattern of sleeping in. I need to reset myself from sleeping in until afternoon to getting up in the morning. I have finalised my open university modules. I have decided to do part time because I feel like that is a better option for me. I haven’t applied for the loan yet due to student finance not opening for applications until next month.