Tired, but continue to make plans.

This week has felt rather tiring. I have been literally chasing my tail all day running late for appointments due to getting up later than planned. I feel totally exhausted at this point. I’ve made myself a cup of tea and then I’m probably going to be asleep quite soon. I know that people will be saying that caffeine will keep me awake. It doesn’t in tea because the warmth of it settles me down which counteracts the caffeine part. I can fall asleep easily anyway when I’m this tired.

I have also made a decision that I want to complete learning teeline shorthand and try to pass that NCTJ exam. I was learning it quite well in the two months that I was at University on the undergraduate journalism degree 4 years ago. I remember a lot of the outlines and combinations. I will need to go over the special combinations for specific words again. I sold my teeline shorthand book when I was struggling due to benefit changes so I’ll have to borrow a resource to learn those special characters for certain words. I’m sure that I’ll be able to catch up. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to complete that part of the qualification. It is handy for making quick notes. I do still occasionally write notes in shorthand. I will just have to work on the speed more because it takes practice to get up to 100wpm required to the pass exam. I’m ready to complete it now. I didn’t want to be reminded of the person that I miss and who hurt me every time I thought about any aspect of Journalism. That is all I could think of before and then I focused on how hurt I was about everything. That was a huge distraction. I should be able to finish that before starting my open university undergraduate degree in October.

I’m really unable to focus much tonight. I’m too exhausted from rushing around all day. I had to drag myself around my flat to tidy up before I went to bed. I wasn’t feeling up to sorting things out. I just didn’t want to leave things in a mess and feel worse due to the state of things when I got up tomorrow. I already have a cat, Mister, asleep next to me on my Bed. Yes, I know it isn’t wise to take a laptop to Bed due to it potentially keeping you awake. However, I can assure you all that tonight nothing is going to keep me awake due to how tired I actually am.

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Photo by Pixabay

I took a night off of knitting my Art project. I needed a rest from that task because my hands were aching. I still have a few weeks to complete it anyway as it has to be in by June. I’m on the last, most complicated bit. I may need to get a darning needle to sew the bits of what I’m making together. I don’t have one but I hear that they aren’t that expensive, I just need to find somewhere local that has them. They aren’t something that is readily available at supermarkets. I will probably have to go to a craft place or something. I could be cheeky and borrow one from knitting group. I’m sure that they must have one because they make things which require sewing together. I will literally only need it for a few days just to fix what I’m making together. Every part of my art design is 2D, so it won’t take long. I’m a beginner when it comes to knitting, even this is challenging for me but I’m determined to do my best despite my limited skills. I am doing okay for someone who has literally only just learned to knit a month ago. I don’t really paint or draw as an artist. I just wanted to do something different, unique and creative. I have used paint on it but only glitter type to give it a shimmer so that I am keeping to the theme ‘making light work’.