Burning the candle at both ends has been difficult today :/

I got many things done during the night last night but it’s made me feel tired for the whole day. I slept from about half 5 this morning to mid day but I have just felt fatigued for most of the hours I’ve actually been awake. I didn’t have the energy to go for a walk. I only did the things that needed doing today. I finally washed my hair after two days of telling myself that it had to be done. I couldn’t leave it much longer because the products were making my hair a matted mess. I also decided to dye my hair purple with semi permanent colour. I am hoping that the colour stays in longer this time.

I was multi tasking most of last night. I edited a lot of the font colour on the many blog entries. I couldn’t edit the entire entries to fit the new colour scheme in one session because there is just too many. I was also knitting a piece for my artwork too. I ended up falling asleep at about half 5 in the morning after having my breakfast cereal (healthy stuff, Special K Apricot and Peach… still being good in regards to keeping fat and sugar at a minimum in my diet). I was too hungry to go to sleep without eating after all that knitting and editing for 5 hours straight.

I had a few breaks watching things on Netflix but that wasn’t for long because that service is quite a huge distraction when you have deadlines approaching. It doesn’t do me any favours to do things at night because I have really snappy nails at the moment and dry skin. I like being awake at that time due to feeling more relaxed than day time hours. I can chill out more in the night. I have a thing where I feel on edge during the day due to there being people around. It is very quiet where I live most of the time during the night. I leave the window open for the cats to go in and out during the night (no one should try to come through my window because I sleep quite lightly and will pick up something to protect myself). There is literally completely no noise apart from the odd owl hooting or bat screeching. Although in the morning, about 5am, there are loads of birds always tweeting.

I’m trying to get out of the working on things at night habit but I am more productive when I do things at night. I am easily distracted during the day. It doesn’t help that I can’t relax during the day.