It has felt like a very long day!

I was up early because I walked to knitting which is the other side of the town where I live. I could have taken the car but it was quite warm this morning. I walked there and back without anything covering my arms. It isn’t far to walk. I got there in about 20 minutes. I ate far too much today so I probably didn’t help my weight loss target. I just got very hungry… which I am also going to blame on hormones. I always get bloated at this time any way so I don’t see why I even bother. I came back home afterwards to do some tidying up. I literally had got up and walked out this morning. I left the pots soaking in the sink, the bed was open to air out (although this doesn’t always work because the cats go to sleep in it when I’m out), it also needed hoovering.

I then started my Artwork idea for the exhibition. I’m already regretting my idea because my hands are very sore now. I was using bits of knit work in my design. I’m only on the first part of it. I have visible marks on my fingers where the wool has rubbed over the hours that I was completing that part.

In between that knitting task, I was also trying to catch a mouse that Mister had brought in this morning. It had gone under my television stand. I attempted to try to get hold of it at lunch time when I returned home. I couldn’t catch him at that point. I decided that I had to think like a mouse and the cat to get the mouse to come out so that I could finally put the mouse outside where he belongs. Every animal gets hungry, then they proceed to come out of their hiding place. I cooked my dinner later on knowing that the mouse would be getting hungry after hiding under there all day. I was right. I had just finished my dinner when the mouse decided to come out from under the television stand. Mister grabbed him in his mouth, ran into the other room carrying the mouse. I went after them and managed to get Mister to put the mouse down. I then took my chance to pick the mouse up and put him outside. I knew that it was easier to get the cat to corner the mouse when it finally came out due to being hungry. It is like watching Tom and Jerry. There was one mouse that he brought in which actually looked like they were tormenting Mister. That mouse also messed me around because I couldn’t find him for three days because he was the master at hiding. He luckily came out from under the Bed the day before my landlord was planning to come round here due to the boiler repair. I do well to catch the mice that Mister brings in. They are very fast and some have the tendency to bite when they’re scared. I picked up one last year that was a extreme biter. I was trying to help this mouse but he would bite me and I ended up dropping him. It took me several attempts to put him outside because of his nipping.

I am glad today is finally over. The thought of returning to my Artwork tomorrow is already stressing me out. I didn’t factor in how long it would take me to create my idea. I don’t think that anyone has done this idea in quite the way I am going to do it. I can see why this idea hasn’t been attempted yet. I’m not giving up yet. The largest parts are going to be the most time consuming. I’m just focusing on the end result when everything comes together and it looks like what I envisioned in my head. At least… I’m hoping that it looks at least a little like the idea.

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