Sainsbury’s, their computer system and problems with returns.

I took my boots back that I bought from Sainsbury’s earlier this year because the stitching has started to peel on one of them. I hadn’t got the receipt so I copied the entry from my bank statement to prove that I had purchased from Sainsbury’s on my debit card. I have used that card to purchase things several times from that store.

The assistant put my card number into their computer system several times. It was telling us that no transactions had been made by my debit card in the store. I have left it for now due to not having the receipt to take things further, but I think that people should be aware that the transactions made at their stores (at least at our local one) aren’t being registered on the system. There are a lot of people that use their bank accounts as proof of purchase rather than receipts now. Their system isn’t registering the transactions made in their store properly. This means that anyone using this method to prove they’ve purchased goods that have developed faults won’t legally have a leg to stand on due to the computer system not recording transactions on there.

The best test results I’ve had in ages!

I went for my annual blood count check up a few days ago. I have just logged into my account to check whether the results had come back. They have just been put on the system. These are the highest my levels have been for a while.

Full blood count:

  • Total white blood count 6.7×10⁹/L [4.0 – 11.0]
  • Red blood cell count 4.60×10¹²/L [3.9 – 5.6]
  • Haemoglobin concentration 132 g/L [115.0 – 165.0]
  • Haematocrit 0.412 L/L [0.37 – 0.47]
  • Mean cell volume 90 fl [80.0 – 99.0]
  • Mean cell haemoglobin level 28.7 pg [27.0 – 32.0]
  • Platelet count – observation 270×10⁹/L [140.0 – 400.0]
  • Neutrophil count 3.75×10⁹/L [1.5 – 7.5]
  • Monocyte count – observation 0.37×10⁹/L [0.2 – 0.8]
  • Eosinophil count – observation 0.13×10⁹/L [0.04 – 0.4]
  • Basophil count 0.05×10⁹/L [0.02 – 0.1]
  • Lymphocyte count 2.37×10⁹/L [1.0 – 4.0]
  • Nucleated red blood cell count < 0.20×10⁹/L [0.0 – 0.2]

The figures in italics are what is classed as the normal ranges. The results are basically within the normal ranges. I was borderline range on my previous test so I was instructed to stay on iron tablets and the other tablets to stop my monthly releasing iron. I’m hoping that I will get permission to come off of the medication soon. I have made an appointment to discuss coming off antidepressants because I have read how they aren’t good for long term usage. There is always the option to go back on them again if it doesn’t work out.

Knitting malfunction and other unfortunate stuff.

I managed to somehow completely mess up my knitting yesterday. I had to fix that today by unravelling it and rethreading the stitches up until where it malfunctioned. I did my best but it isn’t very neat because I just avoided leaving noticeable holes in the knitted rows. It doesn’t look too awful. I certainly didn’t want to start again so I tried to fix the mess.

I have felt sick on and off for the last few days. I meant to do so much more than I have managed to get done. I just feel really awful. I’m sure that it is just hormones as I’m near that time (girls you all know what I am hinting towards). I keep going bloated. I feel constantly fatigued and for the last three days I haven’t even gone for a proper walk. The one I had today was only half an hour. The two previous days I didn’t walk at all. I did my exercises today and yesterday which made up for the lack of walking.

Knitting progressing well and a warning about fatbinder diet supplements.

I have been knitting my scarf. It seems to be going quite well… so far (see above photo). I’m freestyling my own pattern to get used to different stitches. I’m hoping that, as it gets longer, the threading doesn’t come off the needle when I’m moving it around to start another row. That will be quite annoying if it decides to do that half way through as I could mess up the whole pattern trying to pick up the stitches without dropping them. It feels quite heavy even at this shorter length. I’m quite proud of myself because I assumed that I’d never be able to learn knitting. It took me a few weeks to correct everything that I was doing wrong when I first tried to learn it. It took a while for my brain to be coordinated enough to not look at the stitches as a foreign language. After this point it became automatic and now I barely have to think apart from counting that I have the correct number of stitches.

The xls fatbinder dieting supplements do not work. In fact, in my case, they did the complete opposite. I have actually gained fat. I can see it all around my thighs and stomach. I’m larger than I was before I started taking them for the whole of last week. I will not be taking them again. The fact that I have also walked miles and gained weight also shows that they do not work. I actually feel like they’ve injected bulking fat into me. I’m not impressed with the results. I wouldn’t recommend these things to anyone struggling with their weight. They just do not work. I found that they added fat to the parts which I was trying to get off (thighs ended up looking like tree trunks). I disliked taking the massive capsules too.

A solution to Trump and supermarket self service checkout scales issues.

I have figured out the solution to the self service checkout scale (weight) error. I do this trick regularly when the self service machine has a wobbly about the weight on the scales not being correct. If you put the item that has errored onto the floor next to the bagging area. That clears the error in most cases which means you do not have to wait for an assistant to come fix the issue. The error on the screen will clear so that you can proceed to scan the next item. Then just do that again if the same error comes up. All the items will come up on the list and you will be able to pay as normal. Then put the rest of the items on the floor into the bag after the screen comes up with please take your shopping. It will jam the machine if you don’t wait until that point to move everything because the programming within the system will get confused.

I was also thinking about various comments made after that Years and Years tv programme aired. Nearly everyone seemed to be petrified that Trump will order a Nuclear weapons to be fired and many other destructive detrimental things that makes our world dangerous. There may be one way that he can be legally stopped from causing damage despite his money. There is such a thing as a ‘Private Bill’ in the USA and the UK. An Act of Parliament (or a bill in the US) can be passed to apply to an individual or a group stating what they can and can’t do. If they go against the act then they can be prosecuted by the state (this applies in both UK and US system). All the things that Trump is predicted to possibly do which could be a danger to the world could be put into that Bill. The Bill could be aimed at any President of the United States in case another power crazed, dangerous candidate gets elected in the future. He won’t be able to pay his way out of jail time and if he doesn’t want to go to jail there should be a stipulation that he resigns as President. There has got to be some legislation that doesn’t allow him to pay his way out of following it. I only did law at GCSE level. I don’t start my Law degree until October, we only touched on the very basic bits of law on the lower levels. I am aware that Private Acts/Bills haven’t been enacted that often so far.