Exam done. Free for the rest if the day!

I have done my maths exam. I’m now free for the rest of the day. I have walked to a relatives house. I will have to go back into town to fetch my car because I left it about 5 miles away. I am having a really awful hair day. I washed it on the way out this morning. I tried to repair a damaged end which accidentally got stuck in my coat zip. It ended up too greasy so I had to wash it. I was annoyed at myself because I have spent months getting my hair into a decent condition and then I mess up one side by trapping the ends on one side. I annoy myself so much with my clumsiness. I now have to have the ends cut further up and start from square one. I’ve gained all the weight I had started to lose over the last couple of days. That is why I’m walking because I’m determined to win this battle. It maybe hormones but I’m not accepting staying this weight. If I go down at least a stone then this won’t be an issue. I will stay fitted into clothes etc. I feel huge today. I shouldn’t have given myself a 3 day break. I have now gone backwards due to having a break.