I’m finally having a rest tonight.

I didn’t go for a walk today because I just got so tired and actually did some housework. I’m sure that I won’t gain weight in one day. I need to give my muscles a rest because they’re still aching a bit. I need to get my head down this weekend to revise for my Functional Skills level 2 Maths exam on Monday. I’m going to have to go over there earlier that day because it says something about a road being closed right in the middle of town not far from where I’m due to have my exam from that date. It is going to cause extreme chaos in other parts of town if people are being diverted around the road that is closed. It just has to be the week that I’m taking my exam. That is typically just my luck. I didn’t know about it until after the date was arranged. I’m just used to life making things as challenging as possible whenever I try to do things. I could park outside of town and walk into the centre if it isn’t raining otherwise I’ll get soaked before my exam and definitely not pass it then. I’m far from anxious because I’m confident that, if I go over everything this weekend, I will be good enough to pass it. I feel like I know what I’m doing now.

I haven’t completely had a break tonight. I was on the rota to work online at Fledglings (Art, Writing, Music, Film mental health project). I did some feedback there. I checked the boards to see if there was anything that needed to be done. I usually work on there Monday’s but this week we all got bank holiday Monday off. We get breaks during holiday times. I probably should take a break rather than obsessively going on a weight loss spree every day this week. I’m trying to make myself stronger physically and mentally but it’s a process which has it’s ups and downs at first. I shouldn’t ache so much when my muscles have recovered and developed a bit. They can get damaged quite easily at first. I tore a muscle in my knee years ago and that injury lasted for a long time. It has only recently got better after I had to have fluid drained from my knee cap that had gathered around the injured spot. It’s been okay ever since the GP did that for me. They kept giving me anti inflammatory medication which wasn’t working long term because the fluid wasn’t draining out of my knee. That took so many trips back and forward to the GP over a period of about 5 years to get to a proper solution.

I am attempting to relax. I’m hoping that my brain catches up because if that don’t shut up then I’ll not be able to have a proper break. I already feel sleepy. I could have gone bed earlier but I knew that I would wake up too early if I decided to just go to bed at about 7pm etc. I used to be able to have a really erratic sleep pattern and somehow still managed to get up for arrangements that I had in the morning (eg. college etc). I don’t know if I’m just ageing now I’ve got to my 30s or the many hours of missed sleep is catching up with me. I don’t think I will have the problem of my cats waking me up to go outside tonight as one of them just got blown into the window after she jumped in. It’s a bit windy out there for them. At least I know that I’ll not get any other small animals in here brought in by Mister. He loves bringing field mice into the flat to play with and then leave me a ‘gift’. He brought a bird in today. Here is two photos of Mister being lazy and looking at me when I was telling him not to bring in birds. He left spots of blood all over the kitchen and had killed it. I don’t like it but cats naturally hunt things. I wish that he wouldn’t bring things in with him though.