Crippled myself :(

I may have overdone the exercise. I didn’t think it was working so I pushed myself quite hard. I regret that now because suddenly my muscles have started really aching. I’m stiff and it is so uncomfortable. I can’t stay still otherwise it is a lot more uncomfortable. If I move around a bit then I don’t get stiff and seize up. It doesn’t last long but I’m going to have to get through this stage. I know that I’m stupid. I should have taken things a little easier but I was really wanting to lose weight. I like to give everything 100% effort. I wore my brain out before I physically started to feel strained. I got brain fog first and then all my muscles started to kick off. I hope this passes soon because its extremely uncomfortable.  I’m tired and I can’t sleep feeling uncomfortable. I may be awake all night unless it eases off. I found it difficult to get up due to my lower back seizing up earlier. It still aches but is less stiff. I’m stressed out because I just want to sleep but I can’t in this state. Half of me wants to get up for a painkiller to dull it a bit. The other half of me refuses to rely on painkillers ever again due to my former addiction to a painkiller. I’m not in pain but it’s just uncomfortable. I don’t feel pain so intensely since I gave birth to my son. I just don’t feel pain like I used to do before I went through that. Everything is more of a dull ache or feels like pressure is being pushed down on my nerves. Migraines have felt crushing but intense pressure rather than pain. I am quite tough for someone who is only 5 ft 2. I’m no weakling otherwise life would have finished me off by now. I am certain that I will feel great after this uncomfortable muscle strain passes. It is just unpleasant right now.