I need to have a break :/ Over active brain, lack of sleep.

I am too tired to even think in coherent sentences after only having 3 hours sleep last night. I walked 2 hours today which is why I am so tired. I just can’t switch my brain off at the moment. I need a break from thinking about things constantly. That’s easier said than done when your brain is currently in ADHD and OCD mode combined. I’m not ‘mentally ill’ though because I’m using it to my advantage. On a serious note, I really could do with undisturbed sleep without even dreaming of whatever.

I practically got called fat by my phone app earlier. Apparently, my BMI is in the overweight range. I’ve been dieting and exercising but it is still basically saying I’m on the large side. I work so hard to get thinner but I just never get anywhere. I eat mostly a vegetarian diet. I hardly consume any fatty products. I just don’t get why I’m ‘overweight’. I was already feeling awful due to being tired before my phone app tells me I’m fat today. I’m off to the Gym at some point tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be less ‘fat’ soon.

I will blog again at some point when I’ve rested and hopefully got my brain to stop being over active preventing me from truly sleeping properly. I continually wake up throughout the night either from having a dream/nightmare or I just randomly wake up for no reason. I’ve always had the problem of not sleeping because my brain is overactive at night. I can sleep like someone has knocked me out sometimes but not very often. I plan a reasonably early night tonight, however, I may not sleep until later if my brain won’t shhh.

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